Linux How to connect to Windows with RDP in CentOS 7 / RedHat 7


First, download freerdp, in root session:

[root@centos] yum -y install freerdp

Next in user session, use xfreerdp with options: -g screen resolution 800x600,1024x768, etc … -u login of remote session

For example, if you want to connect to Yourserver (by IP or by hostoname), do in user session:

[user@centos] xfreerdp -g 1024x768 -u login YourServer 


If you are using a Linux GNOME desktop under CentOS 7 / Redhat 7, Vinagre is already installed, if it is’nt:

[root@centos] yum -y install vinagre

Launch vinagre:

[user@centos] vinagre &

Clic Connect

Next Choose RDP protocol and complete the fields